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We create high quality, custom websites for businesses of all sizes. Our premium website designs will help you reach more customers, increase conversions, and grow profits.

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Our mobile website experts can craft a website or online experience specifically tailored to the ever growing customer base that use their smartphones and tablets to get online.

Mobile Website Design  

We create business-focused web applications and programs to help automate business processes, optimize workflows, reduce human error, and more.

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How We Provide Value for Our Clients

We Analyze

Every project begins with a free consultation to thoroughly analyze the client's goals and needs. Analysis continues with the research of keywords, targeted demographics, market demand, competition, and more.

We Create

After a complete analysis, we begin to create a custom tailored solution designed to meet the client's goals. Throughout this process we solicit feedback from the client to ensure we're creating the perfect product.

We Deliver

Once the product is finished we deliver it to the client. This process includes any installation or setup, and testing to ensure proper operation. We strive to deliver on time and under budget, without compromising on quality.

We Support

Client satisfaction is our main goal. We stand by our work, and fully support everything we do. Every project comes with at least 30 days of support, maintenance, monitoring, or other applicable services after delivery.

What Our Clients are Saying

"I've had the pleasure of working with PlasticBrain on several occasions. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for web solutions." Umer Farooq - Boss Assets Inc.

Why Choose Us?


The number one complaint we hear is that contracted projects tend to start out great, but the company or person that was hired inevitably "flakes out" -- the work halts, and the person stops responding to emails, messages, or calls -- once they get paid, or sometimes before the project is even finished.

Our Promise

We build lasting relationships with our clients. Every client that we work with has a dedicated account manager they can call, email, text message, or IM.

We're always here when our clients need us, even after their project is finished. Every project comes with at least 30 days of support after the project is completed.


Most agencies and contractors tend to do just enough work to get a project completed and get paid. They cut corners, forgo the finer details, and settle for work that is "good enough".

Our Promise

We never cut corners. We know that the smaller details add up, and can make a real difference in the outcome of a project. As such, we budget time in every project specifically for the details that other agencies overlook.


Most agencies have one thing in mind: their bottom line. They overcharge, and underdeliver, and they try to upsell (oversell) customers on products or services they don’t truly need.

Our Promise

We help our clients focus on their bottom line (and top line, too!) We never upsell them; we only suggest and offer services they actually need, and that would be of value to them.


Some agencies leave their clients in the dark. Clients may not know the status of their project, whether their project is still on schedule or under budget, or even the reasons why certain technologies were (or were not) chosen for their project.

Our Promise

Before work begins on a project, we have a consultation with the client to discuss their project in its entirety, including the technologies being used.

Clients receive regular updates about their project without having to ask.

If a client ever has any questions or concerns about their project they can speak directly with their account manager.

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Learn the process we used, the steps we took, and the methods we implemented to help this client achieve their business goals.

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